• We connect spare capacity in vehicles with people who need to send
  • MAILER and drivers will themselves agree on the date and time of transport
  • The running is not "moving men", lifting to and from the vehicle must state machine fix yourself
  • Sendoo can not report income information to the tax authorities why this is up to the user


  • 1. Select the items you want to send and quote from the address. You get the cost of transport drivers accept and can advance by booking and paying for transportation. 87% of the shipments that are paid directly delivered within a week.
  • 2. Submit the driver and transport so that we build confidence for future missions! Clear!


  • NäWhen you use Sendoo for help with transportation should you pay through the platform. Transport allowance, the driver provided a few days after delivery, until there is money in a customer account.


  • 1. Sign up, and go to Profile to add phone numbers and account numbers
  • 2. Add a "New Journey" that you do, or often performs. If you run a route often, you do not indicate the date. You are always searchable as drivers on the route. Do not forget to declare the return journey. In a single trip, indicate the date disappears searchability after this date.
  • 3. You will receive email when there are things to take with you on your trip. You can also directly check which items are available to run right now and whether they are prepaid or not.
  • 4. Agree with MAILER the time and date for one shipment. For security Sendoo must complete the transaction by the transport allowance between MAILER and drivers.
  • 5. Payment for transport payment a few days after implementation.
  • 6. Submit the MAILER to build confidence for future assignments.
  • 7. Sendoo can not report income information to the Tax why this is up to the user. Compensation for private persons recognized as income, for professional riders for VAT tax of 25%.